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John Willett has acquired UK distributor Sound-Link from Roger Clemo who established it in 1992. Sound-Link distributes Microtech Gefell, the Håkan P110 Pop Killer, Musikelectronic Geithain and Grace Design in the UK. ‘I have always considered Sound-Link’s product range to be in my top-5 list of the best on the market, and when the opportunity arose to purchase the business from Roger I jumped at the chance,’ said John Willett. ‘My plan is to continue to build on the excellent work that Roger has done in the past to provide superb quality products to the professional audio market, combined with personal customer service and good back-up.’

‘I am delighted to see the business I have built up pass into such a capable pair of hands,’ added Roger Clemo. ‘John’s excellent commercial background, backed up with many years of experience as an acclaimed classical recording engineer will ensure a bright future for Sound-Link.’ Clemo will remain with Sound-Link for a period to ensure a smooth transition to the new ownership.

Pic shows: Microtech-Gefell (L-R) Michael Militzer (technical sales manager), Elisabeth Kühnast (marketing director), Roger Clemo, Matthias Domke (MD) Director), John Willett, Udo Wagner (sales and marketing manager).

Resolution is backing the TC Electronic-hosted Loudness Seminar in Dubai, UAE on 10 May 2012 as media partner. This follows on from TC’s successful seminar last year in Rome. The Dubai event will be held at the Centre Point Theatre and ITU and EBU broadcast loudness issues will be examined and presented by Florian Camerer, chairman of EBU’s PLOUD Group, mastering engineer Bob Katz, Thomas Lund development manager HD at TC Electronic, and Hasan Sayed Hasan, vice chairman of the Arab HDTV Group (ASBU).

The event will focus on facts, technology and standards and not on products and the day will be rounded off by a panel discussion and Q&A with all the presenters. The subjects covered will include: EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770 explained; implementation experiences, tips and pitfalls; EQ, dynamics processing and mastering tips; mobile platforms and iTunes; Arab Status and plans for implementing loudness based guidelines; loudness and commercials; and global programme exchange and multiplatform delivery.

Attendance is US$150 which includes lunch and refreshments during the day. Sign up at

Dave Froker has joined Focusrite Novation as MD. He previously held the posts of general manager at Digidesign, president at Stanton Group, and senior VP of product marketing at Line 6. He has relocated from California to the UK with his wife to take up the post. Owner and incumbent MD Phil Dudderidge will remain fully engaged with the company as executive chairman, focusing on corporate and business development matters.

'Focusrite has grown more than 167% over the past three years,’ said Dudderidge, ‘and the time has come to bring new management leadership into the business to enable the next phase of growth. Dave Froker is not only an old friend but the best-qualified candidate to take over from me that I could imagine.’.

iZotope has acquired Imagine Research, a developer of audio analysis technologies. Based in San Francisco, Imagine Research developed MediaMined, a cloud-based sound similarity and sound-object recognition engine powered by machine learning. The development team has applied its expertise to a range of media companies like Skywalker Sound, Pandora, Line 6 and JamLegend (acquired by Zynga).

‘The Imagine Research team brings a wealth of technology and experience around intelligent audio analysis, cloud computing, and machine learning,’ explained iZotope CEO and cofounder, Mark Ethier, ‘We’re excited to support the development of MediaMined, and to bring Imagine Research technology into the rest of the iZotope product lines.’

‘Given iZotope’s infrastructure and ten years of experience developing, marketing, distributing and supporting products worldwide, joining iZotope is a natural fit for Imagine Research,’ added Jay LeBoeuf, founder and CEO of Imagine Research, ‘iZotope is ideally positioned to help us bring this technology to millions of end-users, and to expand our innovative technology into exciting applications and new markets.’

In response to higher-than-expected demand from its exhibitors, Integrated Systems Events has added space in Hall 8 to ISE 2013 at the Amsterdam Rai. ‘This is not a decision we have taken lightly,’ commented Mike Blackman, MD, Integrated Systems Events. ‘However, the response from exhibitors to our 2012 show has been overwhelmingly positive and, in the end, we felt we had no option but to expand our footprint for 2013. This extra space will allow us to accommodate those 2012 exhibitors who have not yet rebooked for next year, as well as new companies.

‘Without the addition of Hall 8, we would now have only 1,500 net square metres still available,’ added Blackman. ‘And, since a large number of companies have enlarged their stands from ISE 2012, there is still around 5,000 square metres’ worth of space that has not been rebooked from this year’s show. We simply had to find some extra legroom from somewhere!’ ISE 2013 will take place 29-31 January.

Gary Honess, producer, engineer and owner of Kühl Muzik Studios in Toronto, Canada, has installed a 16-channel RND 5088 to provide summing, mixing and routing. The 5088 is the centrepiece of a custom-made, wrap-around stainless steel console that has been designed to place the principal components of Kühl Muzik’s hybrid digital/analogue workflow, which is designed primarily for mixing music for film and television as well as for bands, conveniently within reach.

Honess began evaluating analogue consoles last year arranging for demo units to be brought in for extended periods. ‘I had been recording the same mix each time I had a new console in, summing it down through as many channels as possible. So I had references to go back to and hear the different characteristics of these consoles. As soon as I heard the 5088 I thought, this is the one I want. I loved it right away,’ he said.

Multi-Grammy winning engineer Cynthia Daniels has added MonkMusic, a sophisticated recording studio, to her East Hampton, NY home catering to a client base that includes ‘local’ residents Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin. Acoustics and aesthetics were designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group.

‘I was on a fast track to get up and running as quickly as possible,’ said Daniels. ‘I’ve worked in a number of WSDG studios, and was very familiar with their credentials. On his first site visit, in October 2010, WSDG principal John Storyk assured me that we would never be waiting for drawings, design elements or architectural issues and WSDG was on the mark throughout the process.’

MonkMusic is a 650sqft recording/mixing studio housed in a ground-up wing attached to Daniels’ home. Although hardly the norm in residential construction in the Hamptons, the addition was built with a decoupled concrete floor system, created for optimal isolation. The complex includes live, isolation booth and mixing rooms, 5.1 Genelec DSP monitors, a hybrid AVID console, and digital and analogue signal processing.

New Product Releases

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With the new F series, ADAM has an even more affordable entry line of studio monitors, which will be available in October. Consisting of two nearfield monitors and a dedicated subwoofer, the F5 and F7 feature a newly designed version of the ADAM proprietary Accelerating Ribbon Technology that are slightly smaller than the X-ART tweeter. The F5 sports a 5-inch woofer made from carbon and paper and a 25mm voice coil. Controls to adjust the monitors to the environment are located on the rear: two room EQs for high (>5kHz) and the low (<300Hz) frequencies as well as a volume knob. The F7 has the same dimensions and is said to have a similar sound quality to the A7X, but at a lower price point. It has a 7-inch carbon/paper woofer with a 37mm voice coil and shares the same controls as the F5.

The SubF is a small and powerful subwoofer, housing an 8-inch woofer with a 1.5-inch voice coil. It is driven by a 150W ICE Power amp. It has controls to adjust volume, crossover frequency and a phase switch.

The RME HDSPe MADI FX features 390 audio channels. Three MADI I-Os -- two optical and one coaxial -– are accompanied by one AES-EBU I-O and one analogue monitoring output. To complete the feature set, a Word clock connection and four MIDI I-Os are added. Only one PCIe slot is required on the motherboard, plus one free slot opening on the case.

To guarantee RME’s low latency performance with such a high channel count, the HDPSe MADI FX introduces a new modular Hammerfall Pro Audio Core. The core will process three times as many channels as the channel count of the previous MADI flagship, while actually reducing the system load and enabling ultra-low latencies down to 32 samples on modern computers.

New efficiency technology automatically deactivates currently unused channels so they require no processing power or bandwidth. A simple stereo playback will not require any more performance than from a standard stereo audio card despite the use of a professional multichannel system with almost 400 channels.

The new core technology is accompanied by a special version of TotalMix FX. The 192kHz RME effects engine allows latency-free monitoring with effects like EQs, Compressors, Reverb, and Echo rendered directly on the hardware of the card, independent from the DAW software in use.

A decade after the launch of the D5 Live, DiGiCo has introduced the SD5 which benefits from the advancements made possible by DiGiCo’s Stealth Digital Processing. The worksurface is a low noise, heat dissipation worksurface benefiting from Hidden-til-lit (HTL) technology, yet its five digitally driven colour TFT LCD screens, three of which are touch-sensitive, have a new configuration that allows easy access to single or multiple users. There are also two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDM) and quick access buttons are positioned down the left side of the channel screens for fast navigation.

Incorporating the master screen into the worksurface design has added user feedback and maintained a lower profile meterbridge. As standard, the SD5 comes with a 2Gb fibre optic system, which is capable of running 448 channels of I-O at 96kHz, plus 56 console-to-console tie lines, allowing connection to up to 14 of the SD variant racks. There are three redundant MADI ports and local I-O includes eight microphone inputs, eight line outputs and eight AES I-O.

The SD5 has 124 input channels; 56 configurable buses, plus up to 5.1 master; a 24 x 24 fixed matrix; DiGiTubes on every channel, bus and output; 24 assignable Dynamic EQs; 24 multiband compressors; 24 stereo effects; 32 Graphic EQs; 40 RGB backlit macro buttons; plus the ability to add a Waves upgrade.

Live-Recorder from SSL provides a reliable, high quality, low-cost solution for high channel count live, location or broadcast recording. It connects via optical MADI and can record up to 128 channels at 48kHz, 24-bit or 64 channels at 96kHz, 24-bit.

Live-Recorder combines Soundscape V6.2 DAW Recorder/Player software, a MadiXtreme or MX4 PCIe audio interface and an industrial high performance 1U rack mounting PC. Soundscape V6.2 has SSL’s Pro-Convert technology built in, so can export recorded multitrack sessions in Pro Tools 8 and 9, Cubase/Nuendo Track Archives, Final Cut XML's and Samplitude/Sequoia Edit Lists.

A new Console Control Module introduces a hardware control implementation that offers elegant physical control over the software using SSL’s Nucleus and Matrix hybrid DAW control consoles. Soundscape V6.2 also enables Soundscape to be used with SSL’s MadiXtreme 64/128 PCIe audio interfaces for direct connection to audio convertors, MADI equipped consoles and routing systems for lower cost system specification where systems don’t require a software mixer environment. Soundscape 6.2 can still be purchased with an SSL MX4 interface if a DSP-driven mixer and plug-in environment is still required.

The Midas XL48 packs eight XL4 mic pres into a 1U and has swept high and low pass filters, eight Midas XL8 96kHz 24-bit A-D convertors and a super-low-jitter 1ppm clock. Additional features include 8-segment LED input meters, individual phantom power, polarity invert, and -20dB pad. Connections are on Neutrik XLR and 25-way D-sub.

The XL48 also features outputs in ADAT and AES-EBU and all can be used simultaneously, allowing the XL48 to perform as a multifunction analogue/digital mic splitter as well as adding eight channels of Midas pre to a mix. Multiple clocking options are available, including external Word clock, internal 96k, 88.2k, 48k and 44.1k.

Neyrinck's V-Control iPad application started out as a Pro Tools controller with Logic Pro and Cubase support being added. Version 1.5.1 now includes dedicated control skins for Pro Tools, Logic Pro 9, Cubase/Nuendo, FL Studio, Tracktion, Studio One, Reaper, Reason, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, and Sonar.

Each application skin includes a graphic iPad user interface for the application with faders, pans, transport control and dedicated edit keys that are specific to that application. Users can also control open windows, such as plug-ins, using touch-control from the iPad with a V-Window feature.

Eve Audio has launched a range of monitors in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations that use AMT tweeters, PWM amplifiers and DSP. Every EVE Audio speaker has DSP with one-push knob operation to access volume control and several different filter settings for tailoring monitors to their environment.

The 2-ways include the SC204 with a 4-inch SilverCone woofer with honeycomb structured diaphragm driven by a 1-inch voice coil, the C205 has a 5-inch woofer, the SC207 has a 7-inch driver, while there’s an 8-inch in the SC208.

With the SC305 3-way one of the 5-inch woofers delivers sound up to 350Hz, functioning as a kind of bass woofer, while the other gives a fuller range up to the 3000Hz crossover frequency as a bass-midrange driver. It also uses the proprietary AMT RS2 tweeter, which uses a bigger front plate and a bigger internal magnet to drive it. The SC307 uses 6.5-inch woofers.

The 4-way SC407 and SC408 feature a powerful amplifier array with one amplifier per driver. The larger woofers duplicate all frequencies up to a certain crossover frequency and the mid-range woofer picks up from there. The grey plate in the middle of the speaker houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter and can be rotated so you can place the speaker vertically or horizontally.

The SC407 uses two 6.5-inch woofers, a 4-inch midrange unit and the AMT RS3 (Ribbon System 3) tweeter. The SC408 employs 8-inch woofers.

Cartec’s EQ-Pre-2A is a stereo discrete Op-amp microphone/line preamplifier with full 'Pultec' programme-type EQ that also features an M/S (Mid/Side) encoding and decoding section, and an aux output.

It uses the full EQ circuit and components from the valve EQP-1A but with solid state discrete op-amps as used in the later Pultec units. A second amplifier is used to provide the mic gain, but this unit can also be used with line level.

All gain and EQ controls are on rotary switches and the output transformer windings can be switched to turn this into a Mid/Side decoder. The rear panel aux XLR provides a transformer balanced auxiliary output that can be panned between channels 1 and 2 using the Blend pot on the front.


NAB, Las Vegas, 16-19 April
AES, Budapest, 26-29 April
Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia, Moscow, 16-19 May
KOBA, Seoul, 29 May-1 June
InfoComm, Las Vegas, 13-15 June
Broadcast Asia, Singapore, 19-22 June
BIRTV, Beijing, 22-25 August
IBC, Amsterdam, 7-11 September
Plasa, London, 9-12 September
BroadcastIndia, Mumbai, 10-12 October
Prolight + Sound Shanghai, 11-14 October
AES, San Francisco, 27-29 October
SATIS, Paris, 13-15 November
InterBEE, Tokyo, 14-16 November
Tonmeistertagung, Cologne, 22-25 November

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